Namibia MapThe Trade Hub is working with Namibia to reduce the costs of doing business, improve the investment climate, encourage adoption of the latest trade facilitation tools, and in particular develop and implement a National Single Window. 

National Single Window: The Trade Hub is working with Namibian stakeholders on the development of a National Single Window (NSW) to connect all stakeholders in a single electronic data information exchange platform and substantially reduce the time and cost of trade. Namibia is committed to moving forward with the Single Window program, and in addition to giving government approval for NSW implementation, dedicated office space, personnel and budget have all been allocated in 2015.

The Trade Hub is supporting Namibia in establishing a sound project governance structure to handle the inherent complexity of NSW. A Steering Committee is in place and has directed the formation of technical working groups to provide focused teams tasked with preparing the technical foundations for NSW implementation.

The Trade Hub has a full-time NSW advisor in Namibia supported by short-term specialists who are providing classroom and on-the-job training to NSW personnel. NSW team members received Project Management training, providing them with a common understanding and language for controlling and executing project activities. Senior managers from the technical committee were given Change Management Training, enabling them to ensure stakeholder institutions are prepared and able to cope with the transition to NSW transition.

Trade Information Portal: The Trade Hub received funding through USAID’s Partnership for Trade Facilitation to support Namibia’s Ministry of Finance in the development of an online Trade Information Portal. The portal helps the Ministry of Finance meet the WTO Internet Publication standards and provides an online portal for the publication of comprehensive information on customs and trade-related procedures. The Trade Hub supported a multi-agency project team and local Namibian experts in the design and development of the portal, which was successfully launched in July 2015.

Clean Energy Investment: The Trade Hub arranged a reverse trade mission for eight renewable energy companies from Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia to attend the Solar Power International Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida in September 2012. As a result of the mission, a Namibian solar company, Alternative Energy Systems CC (ALENSY) concluded their first transaction with a US company, placing an order for solar water pumps valued at more than US$15,000. The pumps were purchased from US-based Africa Energy Group and represent evidence of the Trade Hub’s successful efforts to expose Southern African solar companies to US solar technologies and promote investment in clean energy.

Effective Implementation of Regional Trade Agreements: As a member of both SADC and SACU, Namibia benefited from the Trade Hub’s work to ensure the effective implementation of regional trade agreements. In 2013 the Trade Hub completed a study with the SACU Secretariat to identify constraints to expanded SACU exports to the US under the Trade, Investment and Development Cooperation Agreement (TIDCA) in order to enhance economic growth and trade in the region. The TIDCA is a cooperative agreement between the US and SACU to foster trade, investment and development between the two parties.

(November 2015)

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