Captone seed trails MozambiqueAs part of a $100,000 Strategic Partnership Grant, the Southern Africa Trade Hub funded seed trials and a seed registration process through Capstone Seeds SA Limited. Capstone Seeds has now successfully tested four maize hybrid seed varieties and 17 soybean seed varieties in four provinces—Maputo, Nampula, Manica, and Tete—in preparation to register the seeds in Mozambique and commercially multiply them for the local market. The activity supports increased investment and technology transfer and will increase the interregional trade of drought-tolerant maize seed.

Capstone worked with local agricultural research institutes to conduct the seed trials. The tests were conducted in productive agricultural zones with high demand for high-yielding, drought-tolerant maize and soybean varieties. Maize is the staple food for central and northern Mozambique, while soybeans are commercially produced in the Tete and Manica provinces where the climate is favorable.

The seed trials provided valuable information about which varieties will flourish in the provinces, with certain seeds emerging as clear winners ready to begin the process of seed registration. Though registration of some seed varieties will happen after the life span of the current grant, multiplication of the drought-tolerant CAP9001 maize seed is now underway in Chimoio, with an expected yield of 10 metric tons in the first season.


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