The USAID Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub boosts trade and investment with and within Southern Africa.

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Following outreach from the USAID TradeHub, Florida-based AMT Sales & Marketing, which specializes in sourcing and selling natural and specialty foods to U.S. consumers, has identified eight companies in southern Africa as potential suppliers. The companies, several of which have exhibited at USAID TradeHub-supported events like the New York Summer Fancy Foods show, include Bakali Foodstuffs, Black Mamba Foods, Blue Africa Trading, Darling Sweet, Minnies Food Enterprises, Mount Cedar (also known as In Our Green House), Rio Largo Olive Estate, and Superinga. Introducing these suppliers to market actors in the United States is part of the USAID TradeHub’s objective in increasing exports to the U.S. under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). AMT, for example, supports food show participation as well as the steps leading up to it—from branding, to pre-listing, to developing business leads. The company’s strength lies in its links with supermarkets and natural foods retailers throughout the United States, including in sizable markets like California, Florida, Illinois, and Massachusetts. Following introductions by the USAID TradeHub, AMT will be exploring specific potential deals with the eight regional suppliers. Throughout, the parties will seek to leverage relaxed trade provisions made possible by AGOA.


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