The USAID Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub boosts trade and investment with and within Southern Africa.

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The USAID Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub has completed the first draft of a U.S. export training manual and two companion briefs. The tools will serve as user-friendly reference guides for southern African firms seeking to export to the United States under the African Growth and Opportunity Act. The documents were developed through a process of broad USAID TradeHub consultation with private- and public-sector stakeholders across the region. The consultations offered insight into potential export opportunities as well as knowledge gaps and challenges facing firms eyeing the U.S. market. This data, in turn, shed light on the needs of trade promotion agencies and business membership organizations, which will play a vital role in disseminating the USAID TradeHub-developed tools. USAID TradeHub advisors are currently validating the material in the export manual and ensuring that it cites relevant examples. The suite of tools, once approved by USAID, will be disseminated through a series of virtual workshops with African Growth and Opportunity Act steering committees, trade and investment promotion agencies, business membership organizations, and other actors in the trade ecosystem throughout southern Africa.


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