The USAID Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub boosts trade and investment with and within Southern Africa.

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Representatives of the USAID Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub were in Maputo, Mozambique from January 9-15, 2020 to assess the investment readiness of Mozambique capital seekers within sectors that align with the USAID TradeHub’s project objectives. The USAID TradeHub team also met with the USAID/Mozambique Mission, the Investment and Exports Promotion Agency (APIEX), Instituto para Promoção de Pequenas e Médias Empresas (IPEME), the Instituto de Fomento do Caju, the Federation of Mozambican Chambers of Commerce/Federação Moçambicana das Câmaras de Comércio, and the USAID-funded SPEED+ project. The companies—MAËVA Group of Companies, Mozambique Good Trade Co, Mozfardas Uniforms, Produtos Meia Tigela, E.I., Cashew Yetu Lda, and Sumol+Compal, Headway Group, Gutsamba Foods, Bio Óleos de Miombo (BOM) Lda, and the Volta Group—expressed a need for trade finance, transaction advisory facilitation, and an introduction to capital funders. The USAID TradeHub advised several of the companies that they would need to improve their packaging and labeling to meet market and regulatory requirements. The companies will also need to adapt their investment pitches to meet the specific strategic objectives of each investor. The USAID TradeHub will follow up with Maeva Group, Cashew Yetu, Headway Group, and Volta Group for more information before testing deals and advising on pitches with prospective investors. USAID TradeThe Hub will also collaborate with IPEME and APIEX to prepare the strongest companies for two June 2020 trade shows, one in South Africa and one in the United States.


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