The USAID Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub boosts trade and investment with and within Southern Africa.

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On July 30, 2020, the USAID Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub (USAID TradeHub) met with South Africa's Limpopo Economic Development Agency (LEDA) to explore potential areas of collaboration. The meeting highlighted several partnership opportunities, including knowledge-sharing through webinars, tools, and templates; securing supplies from the region for Limpopo-based firms; and facilitating U.S. market access for export-ready firms in the province. To ensure that these activities yield measurable outcomes and contribute to USAID objectives, the USAID TradeHub has shared with the trade promotion service provider a draft agreement outlining the goals of the proposed partnership. Bordering Botswana, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe, Limpopo is South Africa's fifth largest, with a population approaching six million people. By assisting Limpopo's market actors to source affordable commodities and products from neighboring countries, the USAID TradeHub aims to contribute to economic development in the province and the neighboring countries.


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