SEEP LogoThe SA Trade Hub met with implementing partner, Banyan Global, in Washington, DC, to brainstorm and discuss a number of key ways to continue to promote gender integration across the various aspects of the program. 

Banyan Global has been invited to present alongside USAID’s Feed the Future Program and Women for Women International at the 2015 SEEP Conference ( to be held from September 28 to October 1 in Washington, DC.

The SEEP Network’s 2015 Annual Conference will serve as a noteworthy platform to focus on the dual themes of Inclusion and Resilience in order to explore strategies extending the frontiers of market development. The productive engagement in market systems of still marginalized populations including women, poor producers, and otherwise vulnerable or disadvantaged households requires innovation.

This includes new methods of financing, sustainable business models, and mutually beneficial partnerships. Working together, the SA Trade Hub and Banyan Global will use this opportunity to highlight the success of the SA Trade Hub’s market-oriented approach and gender integration in various sectors including agriculture and the business-enabling environment to a wide target audience.


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