Persuasive Communication Training Following the success of the Persuasive Communication and Negotiation Trainings conducted in Zambia and Botswana in August 2015, USAID’s Southern African Trade Hub launched the new extended version of the training in Lusaka, Zambia from February 10-12, 2016. 

The three-day training for members of the African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) Zambia focused on building women’s capacity to assert their rights and needs, access economic opportunities, and influence decisions about how resources are used at the government level and within market systems.

Participants learned how to communicate in a persuasive and effective manner in all settings, interview and negotiation techniques, and tips/best practices in preparing and delivering public speeches and presentations. The training included one-on-one coaching sessions, the opportunity to practice an impromptu speech, and modules on the role of culture and gender in communication.

All participants indicated that the training increased their public speaking abilities and helped improve self-esteem and confidence. One participant who has always struggled with public speaking spoke about the value of the course: “Before the course I couldn’t stand up in a room full of people. Now I have more confidence and can introduce myself without getting nervous.”

The event was closed with a certificate ceremony and was attended by Zambia’s Minister of Gender, the Honorable Professor Nkandu Luo. The course will also be given in Windhoek to members of AWEP Namibia from February 16-18, 2016.

Photo: AWEP Zambia Members discuss why culture and gender matter in communication


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