USAID's Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub has launched a Strategic Partnership Fund to provide matching funding to organizations and firms. 

The overall objective of the Strategic Partnership Fund is to further the goals and amplify the impacts of USAID’s Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub by supporting activities and initiatives across  the Trade and Investment Hub's four components: Agribusiness Trade, Export Competitiveness, Finance and Investment, and Enabling Environment and Trade Facilitation..
The Trade and Investment Hub, through the Fund, will support organizations which can catalyze rapid and inclusive growth.  The Trade and Investment Hub is now accepting concept notes for matching grants.
  • The Strategic Partnership Fund is now accepting applications through June 19, 2017.
  • Here is the complete description of the program.
  • We've organized information sessions across the region. See the schedule.
  • All of the information you need to complete an application is available here.
The Strategic Partnership Fund will focus primarily on opportunities to: 
• Accelerate intraregional agricultural and consumer goods trade to global markets
• Provide processing and grading equipment 
• Mitigate risk and facilitate private sector technology transfer  
• Support cluster development and regional industry association capacity    building 
• Facilitate increased level of international certifications 
• Capital equipment upgrading 
• Leverage private sector investment to facilitate greater regional and international trade
Send in your application today!


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