African Economic Outlook

African Economic OutlookThe African Economic Outlook 2017 is a publication by the African Development Bank, the OECD Development Center and the United Nations Development Programme.
This report examines Africa’s macroeconomic performance, financing, trade policies and regional integration, human development, and governance. It explains how improving entrepreneurship contributes to Africa’s industrialization and offers policies to do so.


Microlinks Webinar Presentation

presentation_cover.JPGMicrolinks Webinar Presentation is a presentation prepared by the USAID East Africa Trade and Investment Hub (the Hub) for a webinar organized by USAID knowledge management platforms Microlinks and Agrilinks. It highlights the food crisis in East and southern Africa, but also stresses that the region has the ability to feed itself if food were allowed to move freely from surplus to deficit regions. It also provides information on The Hub and the Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC)  trade facilitation forums that have been successful in promoting food security. In 2017, the USAID Hub and EAGC facilitated contracts for 1.2 million MT of staple grains for cross-border trade, supporting the food security of an estimated 14.4 million people.


Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan

Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan The Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan of SADC is a comprehensive 15–year strategic roadmap, which provides the strategic direction for achieving SADC’s long term social and economic goals. It also provides the SADC Secretariat and other SADC institutions with clear guidelines on SADC’s approved social and economic priorities and policies and therefore, enhancing their effectiveness in discharging their facilitating and coordinating role. It was approved by SADC Summit in 2003 and its effective implementation began in 2005.


International Trade Centre Online Tools

International Trade Centre Online Tools The International Trade Center (ITC) has developed five online tools – Trade MapMarket Access MapInvestment MapTrade Competitiveness Map and Standards Map – that collectively help improve transparency in international trade. The tools enable companies and trade support institutions to identify export and import opportunities and compare market-access requirements, and they help policymakers monitor national trade performance and prepare for trade negotiations.




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